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This graph shows the value of all S.M.A.R.T attributes of drive sda (OCZ-AGILITY3). smartctl_exit_status is the return value of smartctl. A non-zero return value indicates an error, a potential error, or a fault on the drive.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Bad_Block_Full_Flag Bad_Block_Full_Flag gauge   ---:   
Erase_Fail_Count_Total Erase_Fail_Count_Total gauge   000:   
Erase_Failure_Blk_Ct Erase_Failure_Blk_Ct gauge   ---:   
Head_Amplitude Head_Amplitude gauge   000:   
Media_Wearout_Indicator Media_Wearout_Indicator gauge   000:   
Power_Cycle_Count Power_Cycle_Count gauge   ---:   
Power_On_Hours Power_On_Hours gauge   ---:   
Program_Fail_Cnt_Total Program_Fail_Cnt_Total gauge   000:   
Program_Failure_Blk_Ct Program_Failure_Blk_Ct gauge   ---:   
Raw_Read_Error_Rate Raw_Read_Error_Rate gauge   ---:   
Reallocated_Sector_Ct Reallocated_Sector_Ct gauge   003:   
Reported_Uncorrect Reported_Uncorrect gauge   000:   
Temperature_Celsius Temperature_Celsius gauge   010:   
Total_LBAs_Read Total_LBAs_Read gauge   000:   
Total_LBAs_Written Total_LBAs_Written gauge   000:   
Unknown_Attribute Unknown_Attribute gauge   000:   
Wear_Leveling_Count Wear_Leveling_Count gauge   000:   
Write_Commands_Tot_Ct Write_Commands_Tot_Ct gauge   ---:   
smartctl_exit_status smartctl_exit_status gauge